Anthony D Williams Sr.

Driven by a profound desire to make a positive difference, Anthony D. William Sr. embarked on a journey of advocacy. He founded "Teaching a Lion to Sing," an initiative aimed at raising awareness and combating domestic violence, particularly in cases of elder abuse. This advocacy has garnered its presence on Facebook, under the same title, serving as a platform to share information, stories, and resources to support those affected by domestic violence.



One of the critical points in Anthony's career occurred in 2015 when he served as a Lieutenant in the Memphis Police Department's Domestic Violence Unit. In this capacity, he was tasked with examining a wide range of domestic violence cases, including those concerning elder abuse. This role exposed him to the upsetting and often heart-wrenching realities of such cases, leaving an ineradicable mark on his viewpoint.

Author Backgorund

In addition to his advocacy work, Anthony is also a skillful author. He channels his experiences and insights from his law enforcement career into his literary creations. His characters and narratives are deeply influenced by the factual situations and challenges he has encountered, making his work reverberate with authenticity and emotion.

Author Experience

Anthony D. William Sr. is a dedicated law enforcement professional, advocate, and author whose career has been designed by a deep commitment to making the world a safer and more compassionate place. His experiences and passion have not only fired his advocacy but have also improved the characters and narratives found within his literary works, making him a complex individual contributing positively to society.